BBC West Midlands filmed Textile Artist and Felt Maker Raya Brown and her Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Worcestershire

We are so pleased to be featured on BBC West Midlands last week.  They recognized our achievement and filmed our Magic Wool Studio. Raya Brown is so happy that her ideas of promoting British wool are getting supported.

Raya Brown is an arts and crafts teacher in Kidderminster with an alternative technique. Raya uses wool to recreate her water colour paintings and has recently won an award for her craft courses. Video by Olivia Portas and Paul Jones.

Gepostet von BBC Midlands am Freitag, 19. Januar 2018


Raya says: ‘The general public needs to be educated to value the amazing qualities of natural fibres. We have great British wool in this country. Why don’t we use it more?  Britain has the highest number of distinct sheep breeds in the world. British wool is so varied and  has a unique beauty of its natural colours, tones and textures. I try to raise the awareness of  people   in use of  sustainable fibres by creating the  work that shows off the best qualities of wool’

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