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  • This creative experimental 5-week Watercolour course will start on Wednesday 27th of May
 One place became available due to a cancellation . You are welcome to join us on zoom for this interactive course. For more information please see our website.
  • 'Exploring watercolour' 5 week interactive online course with live tuition with Artist Raya Brown. Wednesdays 6pm-9pm starting on Wednesday 20th of May. For more information visit our website
  • Интерактивные занятия искусством онлайн для взрослых и детей с профессиональным педагогом и художницей Раей Браун. Пятница 11-12.30 или Пятница 16-17.30. Осталось несколько мест. Спешите забронировать место по телефону 07792422385 или по эл.почте
  • Осталось несколько мест на интерактивном онлайн курсе искусства для взрослых и детей. Кто еще не успел забронировать место пожалуйста быстрее свяжитесь со мной по телефону 07792422385 или эл.почте
  • Интерактивные увлекательные занятия искусством для детей и родителей онлайн с опытным преподавателем и художницей  Раей Браун.
  • Увлекательные занятия искусством для  детей и родителей онлайн с профессиональным педагогом и художником. Наши уроки посвящены русской культуре и традициям. Мы работаем в разных техниках коллаж, лепка, живопись, графика и используем недорогие материалы, которые всегда можно найти у себя дома. В пятницу родители с детьми лепили Пасхальные колокольчики из соленого теста. Вот такие замечательные работы у нас получились.
  • Watercolour painting of tulips and daffodils by artist Raya Brown @artclassesbyraya . Best wishes of lots of happy spring days to all  of you. Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio
  • Daffodils in watercolour by Raya Brown @artclassesbyraya
  • These impressive skies in wool fibres were created at Wool painting course for complete beginners @magicwoolstudio in Kidderminster today. Absolutely amazing colours and textures! These novices in wool painting really enjoyed trying out different techniques and handling natural fibres! More images to come! Well done ladies! I look forward to seeing you in May at the 'Fields with red poppies' wool painting course. X
  • My students really enjoyed drawing and painting trees this week at our Watercolour class at Magic Wool Art and Craft studio. These are their lovely watercolours. The colours and tree shapes are beautiful. Each painting is unique in it's own way. Some students can't stop  painting sunsets. These lovely paintings of skies are bold and experimental. Well done to all my learners @artclassesbyraya!  For more information visit our website.
  • These lovely paintings were created  at Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio this week. The students really enjoy studying landscapes discovering new ways of using watercolour and new techniques. Some like using wet into wet technique, others prefer to work on dry paper. There is so much to learn and each week we explore a different subject. Look forward to teaching my students next week. For more information see our website
  • The very first watercolour class this year. My new students from the Watercolour course exploring colour and some techniques.
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