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  • We are so pleased that BBC Midlands has visited Magic Wool Studio and celebrated our achievement in a short film "Arts and Crafts teacher with an alternative technique". Great news! You are welcome to watch the film by following the link below.
  • "Red Robin with snowdrops" original wool painting by Textile Artist and Felt Maker Raya Brown from Magic Wool Studio in Worcestershire.
  • "Janet's rose" wool painting created with colourful strokes of merino wool and silk fibres at Magic Wool Studio.
  • "November in Worcestershire" Wool  painting inspired by the landscape near Magic Wool Studio where I work from. Very often after a hardworking day I go there their for a walk to relax.
  • These Merino sheep are so cute! My friend Nui Milton the owner of The Fine Wool Farm in Australia is breeding and looking after these beautiful fine wool sheep. I use her wool in my work. The quality of her wool is superb.
  • Autumn has touched the trees with its painting brush. Lovely colours in the woods. I created this wool fibre painting at my Magic Wool Studio  being inspired by autumn colours.
  • Falling for autumn in Worcestershire. I am so inspired. I have taken lots of photos of autumn landscapes today. Getting ready for my wool paintings. I just  love autumn colours !
  • It is a wool week. To celebrate the beauty of natural fibres I have completed this wool painting. I like the vibrancy of wool colours  and textures.
  • My wool painting is growing. I've added some flowers and completed the background. I love using vivid  bright colours and creating various textures with wool fibres. I use merino wool a lot in my art work.
  • I am continuing to work on my wool painting. I am using merino wool fibres to create these flowers. I decided to include a serious of photos to show how my work develops and grows. The next photos will follow soon as my painting evolves.
  • After I painted my "Autumn flowers" watercolour I decided to recreate part of it in wool fibres. This is a beginning of my wool painting. I am working on the background colours.
  • "Autumn flowers" original  watercolour painting. People often ask me how I start creating my wool paintings. I have decided to give you a little insight into my creative world. This is how I started. I have been working on a floral composition.
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