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  • Learn #how to paint with watercolour #art classes for beginners #Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Kidderminster. The next #watercolour art course in Kidderminster  will start in January. For more information see our website
  • 'Winter landscape'wool fibre painting workshop at Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Worcestershire tomorrow. Look forward to meeting my new  students .
  • These lovely watercolours of lilies were painted by my students yesterday. We had a great day exploring different ways of painting flowers and different techniques. The ladies were really enjoying the art class. I look forward to seeing them next week.
  • Beautiful Autumm leaves have been painted by my students. They look so much like real leaves. My ladies are getting better and better  at using watercolour paints and gaining more confidence using different painting techniques. Look forward to our next lesson tomorrow.
  • 'Red Robin with snowdrops' wool painting made by a student this week at Magic Wool Studio in Kiddermster. This lovely theraputic technique of painting with wool fibres is becoming more and more popular. Please see more students' works on
  • Watercolour course for beginners and Intermediate level students at Magic Wool Art and Craft studio in Worcestershire this week. Learning to paint autumn still lifes, colour mixing and watercolour techniques. Lovely work!
  • Being inspired by Autumn colours with  my students #magicwoolartandcraftstudio #artandcraftclassesinkidderminsterworcestershire #watercolourartclasseswithartistrayabrown #watercolourcourseinwestmidlands #learntopaintwithwatercolours
  • Fabulous wool fibre painting workshop yesterday at Broadway Tower Barn with the lovely inspirational ladies! Their work is amazing! What a great venue- really cosy place , friendly staff who looked after us so well and tasty lunch! Also lovely scenery of Broadway contributed to our artistic inspiration. Looking forward to our next wool painting workshop there on 5th of November!
  • These lovely watercolours of poppy fields were painted yesterday by the students from my Watercolour course . It was a fabulous Art class yesterday. Great fun exploring wet-in-wet technique. Really proud of my students' achievement.
  • Great start to Watercolour course for complete beginners at Magic Wool Studio. The students explored colours and created some amazing sunsets and studies of sky. Well done!
  • We are so pleased that BBC Midlands has visited Magic Wool Studio and celebrated our achievement in a short film "Arts and Crafts teacher with an alternative technique". Great news! You are welcome to watch the film by following the link below.
  • "Red Robin with snowdrops" original wool painting by Textile Artist and Felt Maker Raya Brown from Magic Wool Studio in Worcestershire.
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