Unique wool paintings by Worcestershire textiles artist Raya Brown 

These wool paintings are neither watercolours nor felted pictures. They are created using a unique ‘Wool Painting’ or painting with wool fibres technique. 

Wool watercolour, as some people call it, is an amazing relatively new technique which originated in  St. Petersburg. The technique involves  creating a fibre picture with merino wool, silk and viscose. Laying and shaping fibres, blending the colours together, creating beautiful textures and effects allows the textiles artist Raya Brown to make wool paintings that resemble watercolour paintings. 

‘I very much enjoy the therapeutic  experience of working with  natural fibres. Exploring the tactile qualities of wool and using coloured strands of wool as one would use the brush strokes gives me so much pleasure’ says Raya.  

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If you wish to learn how to paint with wool fibres, make a wool painting yourself or commission a wool picture, please contact Raya via the contact page.

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