Welcome to the Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Worcestershire

aboutI am a professional Textiles Artist and a Felt maker.  I would like to welcome you to my world of Felt Wonders and Wool painting, unique experimental designs with vibrant colours and amazing textures.

Inspired by my mother, who is a famous watercolourist in St.Petersburg, I have always been fascinated by colour, its numerous shades and tones, its strength and subtlety.  For many years I had been doing watercolour paintings until I discovered wool, its fantastic qualities and I saw a great potential for my future art work.

Raya Brown is an arts and crafts teacher in Kidderminster with an alternative technique. Raya uses wool to recreate her water colour paintings and has recently won an award for her craft courses. Video by Olivia Portas and Paul Jones.

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I literally became obsessed with wool.  I discovered a unique technique called ‘Wool Painting’ and realized that I could make ‘Wool Paintings’ using strands of wool.  I saw that by layering wool fibres I could create amazing watercolour effects while building up incredible new colours  and shades. This is how I became ‘an artist painting with the strokes of coloured fibres’ as one would paint with the brush strokes. My work is inspired by nature and I look for the beauty and harmony in the surrounding world. I try to convey my happy feelings of joy of life in my work.

Exploring wool further I came across handmade felt. I realized how wonderfully versatile it was -you can create anything from sumptuous wall hangings and cushions to shaped and sculptured items. Handmade felt is vibrant, malleable, infinitely variable creative textile that grows and develops under your hands.

I am totally in love with felt. Felt making process is magical and therapeutic.  Laying soft wool fibres, enjoying tactile experience of handling fluffy threads and fine strands of animal and plant fibres… Rubbing your wool felt with olive oil soap and  watching and feeling felt shrink while amazing textures and colour blends appearing! Working with fleece and fibre can give unpredictable outcomes which helps to keep the work ‘alive’.

At my Magic Wool Studio in Kidderminster I design and make luxury felted garments and accessories and create wool paintings. I use British wool, Merino wool and silk and other natural fibres.

I love sharing my passion for wool and expertise with my students. At my studio I offer a range of felt making and wool painting workshops to beginners and advanced level students, to all ages from 9 to 76 years old. The classes can be individually tailored to your needs and requirements.  Please spend time looking at the Workshops page.

You can also purchase of commission a wool painting or felted item. You are welcome to contact me using a Contact page.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Raya Brown