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I am a professional Artist and a Felt Maker. I come from St. Petersburg, where I gained my degree in Fine Art and Textiles. I have been teaching Art and Textiles for over 19 years in England and Russia. I am a founder of Magic Wool Studio and the main teacher there.

Inspired by my mother who is a famous artist, I have always been fascinated by colour, its numerous shades and tones, its strength and subtlety.  For many years, I have been doing watercolour paintings. My work has been exhibited in Russia and the UK.

Raya Brown is an arts and crafts teacher in Kidderminster with an alternative technique. Raya uses wool to recreate her water colour paintings and has recently won an award for her craft courses. Video by Olivia Portas and Paul Jones.

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A few years ago I discovered wool, its fantastic qualities and I saw a great potential for my future art work. I literally became obsessed with wool.  I realised that I could create pictures and render various colour nuances and shades using merino wool.  I saw that by layering wool fibres I could achieve amazing watercolour effects in my paintings. So, this is how I became “an artist painting with the strokes of coloured fibres” as one would paint with the brush strokes.

At Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Kidderminster I make wool paintings based on various themes including “Landscapes”, “Still -Life”, ”Flowers” and “Animals”. I also teach students how to make them at my painting classes . You can see some of our work at the Gallery.

Exploring wool further I came across handmade felt. I realized how wonderfully versatile it was-you can create anything from sumptuous wall hangings and cushions to shaped and sculptured items. Handmade felt is vibrant, malleable, infinitely variable creative textile that grows and develops under your hands.

At my studio I also teach Felt making classes.   As a student you will learn how to design and make different garments and accessories, use different wools, yarns, silk, synthetic and natural fibres to create different  textures and effects in  your work.  You will explore qualities of felting wool and various fibres, learn different felt making techniques such as Nuno felt, wet felting and needle felting.

We have workshops for complete beginners as well as for people with experience in Art or Felt making. Come along for a workshop to learn a new skill, acquire a new hobby or take your hobby to the next level.  You can make gifts for your friends or for yourself.

Meet new friends who are as passionate about wool art and craft as you are at my Art and Craft studio. Work on individual projects or set tasks in a warm friendly atmosphere. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the day.

Everyone is welcome!

Raya Brown

Magic Wool Studio by Raya is based in Kidderminster, West Midlands, UK.

  • Attend felt making and wool painting workshops and courses
  • Learn about needle felting, wet felting, how to felt and how to paint with wool
  • Learn unique wool painting techniques at our Wool Painting Club
  • Explore  merino felting wool, silk, various yarns and fibres and various tools such as felting needles, sanders, etc.
  • Buy or make unique designer felted clothes, handmade felt accessories or wool pictures 
  • I also offer enjoyable corporate workshops

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