“Field with red poppies”: Face-to-Face wool painting  workshop . Suitable for complete beginners

Saturday 9th March 11am-5pm

This is not felt making. This is a unique technique of making a painting using layers of merino wool and enhancing it with silk or viscose fibres. This is a workshop for anyone. You do not need to have an Art Degree or any experience working with wool. This is an easy step by step workshop which is designed for you to have fun with different wools and experiment with colour and fibres. At the end of this class you will make a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend-a wool painting which you will put in a glass frame and take with you! Come around and enjoy working in a friendly relaxed atmosphere of Magic Wool Studio with like minded people.

The course will cover:

  • Learning the basics of composition in Art
  • Exploring the qualities of wool and other fibres
  • Acquire new skills of working with loose fibres
  • Learning wool painting techniques and methods
  • Making your own fibre picture
  • Unique relaxing therapeutic experience of working with natural fibres

Cost: £70

Saturday 9th March 2024