Interactive online ‘Fundamental Art Skills for beginners’ zoom Art course with artist Raya Brown.

This is a unique opportunity for Art and Craft lovers, beginners, and people with some experience in Art and Craft, to receive a proper Art education in the traditional methods by a professional artist and tutor Raya Brown.

Raya’s teaching is based on classical Art education with emphasis on the importance of developing solid traditional foundation skills in drawing and painting.

This course will assist you to take your Art and Craft projects to the next level and gain confidence in developing your own ideas and artistic style.

The course will include:

  • Building strong basis of drawing skills and techniques
  • Exploring  line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern and colour
  • Developing knowledge of composition, proportions and  perspective
  • Developing creativity and artistic vision
  • Studying famous works of Art

Students will study the following subjects during the the course:

  • Still Life drawing
  • Floral studies
  • Animal drawing
  • Landscape drawing 

 This is a great chance for everyone to observe professional artist’s demonstrations, ask questions and socialise with like-minded people. Ideal course for people who have a busy schedule during  the daytime. 

You will receive plenty of individual help being guided and inspired by a professional Artist and Tutor Raya Brown.  Small groups of learners and clear step-by-step instructions are guaranteed.  Visual resources and recordings of online classes will be provided.

Cost: £160 a week (£16 a week)

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