10-week Introduction to soft Pastels face-to-face course. Mondays 10am-1pm

Starting Monday 15th July

Previous experience in Art is recommended

Cost £19 a week

Create beautiful pastel paintings with artist Raya Brown and discover the great possibilities of working with this wonderful material.

 During the course you will learn:

  • About different types of pastels and pastel papers  and how to use them to achieve the best results
  • How to use various soft pastel techniques such as colour blending , layering, shading, etc
  • Colour theory and understand how to mix colours and make light and dark tones
  • How to show 3-dimentional qualities of objects and show depth in your work
  • How to create various textures, such as glass, metal, fur, wood grain, etc in your art work 
  • How to paint beautiful atmospheric landscapes
  • How to paint realistic looking furry animals
  • How to create great compositions

You will also discover how to draw realistic looking objects and improve your observational drawing skills.

The course will cover the following subjects:

  • Still life
  • Floral studies
  • Animal portrait
  • Landscape

You will receive plenty of individual help, being guided and inspired by a professional Artist Raya Brown. Small groups of learners and clear step-by-step instructions and artist’s demonstrations are guaranteed. Visual recourses will be provided.

Total cost £190

Starting Monday 15th July, for 10 weeks